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Apr. 3rd, 2009

Sinead being induced!!

So I just got a call from my best friend, Sinead's, mother.
Sinead is in hospital now being induced.
She's 38 weeks and has pre-eclampsia.

I'm quite worried about her.
Greta said she's already had a few contractions and isn't liking them very much at all.
I hope she's okay.
Everyone is there with her so at least she has alot of support.
I'll be going in tomorrow morning as well.

It's so exciting at the same time! She's going to have a baby boy tomorrow! 

Apr. 1st, 2009


So stressed out!
Ascari's cot just fell apart.. fucking op shop shit.. Now we're going to have to somehow find a couple hundred dollars for a new cot.. Not to mention figure out some way to get it home seeing as we don't have a fucking car or license.. ALL BEFORE TONIGHT so Ascari has somewhere to sleep!!!

And I've been having horrible dizzy spells. I've been having them for the past few days, but today they've been more frequent.
I almost fell over before when I was holding Ascari.

I hate this shit..

bouncing bubba

I think Ascari will be walking real soon.
She's been lifting herself to stand up on things for ages now.. maybe a month or two.
And just the other day SHE LET GO! She could only balance for about 2 seconds, but she's been doing it more and more since and has been balancing for a bit longer.
It's awesome!

She also has been bouncing heaps lately. She can even jump when she's holding onto something/my hands.
She's even rocks back and forth and bounced when she's sitting on the floor and also in her highchair.
She always wants to dance lol!

Daniel went for his driving test today to get his P's.. and he failed.
I'm so bummed.
We spent so much money on lessons for the past few weeks.
Just in the last week he had 2 lessons which was $100.
Plus the whole driving test things (using the instructors car and last minute lesson) costed us $260..
All down the drain..

We definitely cant afford to go for it again..

Mar. 29th, 2009


So my mother and I are still not talking and now she's refusing to give us her car that she's been promising to us for months. Who knows what's she's going to do with it now.. she said she's doesn't want it and desperately wants it gone from her driveway so I'm guessing she's just going to chuck it.
I honestly thought she would be apologizing as soon as she could. I didn't think she's risk not being able to see Ascari anymore. I knew it would never be about me, as it never is and she even tells me this. She has always said to me that sometimes she gets scared that I wont let her see Ascari so she tried to not be nasty to be.. I guess she doesn't really care anymore now. I guess she doesn't care that she's going to miss Ascari's first birthday as well.
I'm not going to write on here everything that happened because it's too long but the main thing that's upset Daniel and myself for the last 9 months (that we have tried our hardest to ignore) is the fact that she has made it quite clear that she wishes Ascari was Rebecca's daughter.
Like I said, I've been trying for the past 9 months to ignore the rude things she says about Daniel (she thinks he's no good) and myself and how she is always talking about Rebecca (golden child) and my daughter and on the holiday I just snapped. It was over something stupid and small (she was calling me a jealous little child) but it made me snap.
And since I left we haven't talked at all.
Like I said, I thought she's be apologizing by now but she hasn't.
That's fine with me though because I am still so angry I probably wouldn't listen to her.

Daniel and I have talked about it quite a bit over the last week which has helped a little.
I think we're just going to cut her out of our lives for a while, if she does try to call that is.
I think she needs to realize that she cant do the things that she does. She needs to accept that Ascari is my daughter and I am a good mum. She needs to stop seeing me as her disappointment child.

Anyway in other news...

Daniel is getting his license on Wednesday but now that we don't have a car anymore we're going to have to start saving like crazy.
It's come at a particularly bad time, as Daniel hurt his knee when he fell and is unable to ride this bike to work anymore so he's having to catch a taxi.
So having a car would really help right now.

We talked to a lawyer the other day about suing Westfield.
It all depends on how damaged Daniel's knee is. He's getting a ultrasound on his knee and an x-ray on his back on Thursday.

Mar. 26th, 2009


I taught Ascari how to clap!!!

I've been clapping in front of her for the last few weeks because she found it hilarious and just yesterday she started clapping by herself!

So cute..

Mar. 22nd, 2009

Shoppingtown idiots..

Scary night.
Daniel calls me while he's up the street with Ascari and says "don't panic but we have to take Ascari to the emergency room now"...
It turns out he was at Doncaster Shoppingtown, walking to Safeway, and while holding Ascari he slips on a puddle of water that the stupid cleaner idiot left in the middle of the floor.
He fell on his arm and Ascari bumped her head of the floor.
We quickly took her to the docs and everything is fine thank god. We just have to wake her up every half hour to make sure she's okay, for 4 hours.

I'm so angry with the cleaners at Shoppingtown. How stupid do they have to be?!
We're thinking of suing, but we're not sure if there's any point..

I almost fainted when Daniel told me what happened.. I just cant believe it..


Mar. 19th, 2009

Breaking Dawn

I just finished the last of the Twilight books- Breaking Dawn.
I finished them all in about 3 weeks.. I think I'm going to have to read them all again.. I'm lost now! lol...
Great books though, for anyone who hasn't read them.

Mar. 12th, 2009

8 month check-up

My mother is taking Ascari and I to Torquay for a week for a holiday.
We're leaving tomorrow.
It'll be the first holiday I've had in years. I'm pretty excited.
The thing I am mostly looking forward to is getting a professional massage! My back is killing me.
The place we're staying has it all. Even a heated pool and spa! How exciting.

We're going to be going to Werribee Zoo tomorrow on the way up. Ascari will like that.
We'll also be going on a ferry ride as well which'll be cool. I've never been on a boat of any kind.

Ascari had her 8 month check up with the Maternal Child Health Nurse today.
She weighs 9.3kg and is 69cm tall (she was 49cm when she was born so she's grown a while 20cm!)
Everything was really well. The nurse was stoked that she's crawling and standing and all that. The only thing that is a bit of a problem is the sleeping. We have made her too dependent on having a bottle to get to sleep or being rocked. 
I really didn't want this to happen, but things have just been so hectic and busy for the last couple months that I just wanted to do anything to get her to sleep so I could have some time. So I guess I got myself into this.. it's just gonna be so freaking hard getting her into another routine or whatever.
I was also told that she should only be having about 3 bottles a day now and more food as the main food.
I had no idea. She's still been having heaps of bottle during the day, so I'm also going to have to try extra hard to cut down the milk and up the food. It's going to be difficult because she much prefers the milk.
So I can see that I'm going to be very stressed out for the next couple of weeks or so..

Daniel had this 4 week appraisal today from work. Not good.
They're pissed off because he's come in late twice and is always tired/yawning.
I feel terrible. It's just been so difficult during the day with Ascari that by the time he gets home I'm so crazy sore and stressed that all i want to do is have time for myself, but I guess I don't seem to realize how much it's affecting him and his work by being so tired as well.

We've been fighting quite a lot lately as well. Probably because we're both so tired.
He thinks that I shouldn't have that hard a time at home taking care of Ascari. He even said once that it seems like I cant be bothered being a mum anymore. That hurt a lot.
I love being a mum more than anything. It is hard at times. Any woman would know that. Daniel just doesn't see it though.
He thinks it's all fun and games and that she sits quietly with me all day while I lounge around on the couch. Every time I say that I've had a stressful day he thinks I'm just whining and that I have no idea what stressful is because I don't "work".

I dunno. Maybe I am just over reacting. I know he works hard every day, but I do too.
I know it must be really difficult for him being at work while he's so tired, but it's hard for me as well. I'm exhausted!
I would just love some appreciation for what I do. Just once at least.

Ah well.. that's enough of my bitch for the day..

I'm looking forward to my holiday! :) And at least Daniel will have a week to himself without a crying baby and a moody partner around! :P

Mar. 7th, 2009

Stuart's B-day

Very hungover.
We had a great night though.. from what I can remember.. haha

We went to The Greyhound for Stuart's birthday and I started drinking pretty much straight away. I drank WAY too much and seeing as I never drink these days I got drunk right away.
We saw quite a few bands play and chatted with people from The Flyin' Saucers and Stray Cats and other bands I cant remember.
Ohh and not to mention Chris Cheney from The Living End was there as well.

It was a great night :)

Edit: Some pics from the night (taken by Stuart and Kristy)..

Chris Cheney and David O'Neil from The Flyin' Saucers

Stuart, Chris Cheney and David O'Neil


Chris Cheney and Nick Caruso

Chris, Nick and his wife

Me and Daniel.. ( I was very drunk..)

Stuart with everyone

David, Daniel, Kristy and Dizzy

Ben, Stu and Daniel..

Mar. 4th, 2009


So I'm in the process of bleaching my hair..
It took me ages to do all the roots so now I'm worried half of my head will be light as and the other not so much.
GAH, so stressful!
I hope I don't kill my hair..

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